Real Estate and Right Of Way Acquisition 

Hamner, Jewell & Associates specializes in acquiring rights of way and property rights for all types of publically funded projects, including public works, transportation, housing, utilities, and community development. We have acquired right of way for roadways, water lines, sewer lines, utilities, recreational trails, the high-speed rail, and other community development projects.  We have acquired access rights, air rights, slope easements, drainage easements, utility easements, pipeline easements, landscaping easements, roadway easements, temporary construction, and staging area easements, as well as “fee” interests for tank sites, pump stations, water treatment projects, parks, public parking, Metrolink stations, civic centers, housing redevelopment, and community development projects.

Planning and Cost Estimating

Involving a real estate professional early in your project planning process helps saves time, money, and prevents complications as your project progresses.  Having a consistent point of public contact from project inception to completion for property owners and residents directly impacted by the proposed project is invaluable.

By providing consistency in the dissemination of information, and giving our agents the opportunity to get to know and develop a rapport with property owners with whom your agency will be seeking agreements, the project can progress with minimal conflict, political controversy, and litigation.

Relocation Assistance

Hamner, Jewell & Associates assists with public agencies and non-profits with the acquisition of property rights and in administering relocation assistance programs in conformance with California Government Code requirements and the requirements of the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act, for federally assisted projects.  We keep apprised of Caltrans, HUD, and other overseeing agency requirements, including CDBG and HOME program guidelines, tax credit funding, as well as related ordinances such as Mobile Home Park Closure provisions. Whenever a public project involves the purchase or redevelopment of occupied properties, we can provide Relocation Advisors to guide you through the complexities of relocation assistance regulations.

Public Outreach

Hamner, Jewell & Associates coordinates property owner communications during the project planning and implementation stages.  We have found that a consistent point of personal public contact throughout the project is a critical component of successfully working with people who are impacted by your project plans. 

In essence, our services border on public relations.  Our clients who utilize these aspects of our services are amazed at the substantial minimization of inquiries and complaints that they receive while the project planning and construction is underway.

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