Hamner, Jewell & Associates primarily focuses on serving the Central Coast and Central Valley regions, but our client base has spanned from the City of Poway in San Diego County to the County of Merced.

We have been providing services to local California public agencies since 1977. Our offices in Ventura, Fresno, and San Luis Obispo Counties allow us to offer our accessible, quality, and experienced services throughout these regions.

Southern California Office

Hamner, Jewell & Associates
Ventura, CA
Phone: (805) 658-8844
Fax: (805) 658-8859

Central Coast Office

Hamner, Jewell & Associates
San Luis Obispo County, CA
Phone: (805) 773-1459
Fax: (805) 773-2418

Central Valley Office

Hamner, Jewell & Associates
Fresno, CA
Phone: (559) 412-8710
Fax: (559) 493-5906

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