Public Outreach

Hamner, Jewell & Associates coordinates property owner communications during the project planning and implementation stages. Our company has found that a consistent point of personal public contact throughout the project is a critical component of smoothly dealing with people who are impacted by your project plans. In essence, our services border on public relations. Our clients who utilize these aspects of our services are amazed at the substantial minimization of inquiries and complaints that they receive while the project is underway. In addition to advance planning services, the values of a consistent point of public contact continue throughout the project construction and completion stage, especially in projects involving right of way and partial acquisitions where coordination with adjacent property owners and uses becomes a critical component of a smooth construction and completion process.

Services include: 

  • Pre-Project Owner Communications, Informational Brochures, and Meetings
  • Coordinating all Project Planning Access Needs for Surveys and Studies, EIR needs
  • Project Update Correspondence and Construction Noticing
  • Construction Access and Restoration Coordination
  • Crop Loss Claims and Other Construction Damage Claim “Mediations” and Resolutions
  • Utility Relocation and Temporary Interruption or Service Modification Coordination

Whether planning a project that requires the acquisition of property rights, or a repair project that requires no new rights but necessitates coordination with property owners and neighborhood residents or business owners, these services can be an invaluable investment.

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