Planning & Estimates

Involving a real estate professional early in your project planning process, when you anticipate that your project will require real estate, normally saves time, money, and headaches from complications as your project progresses. A consistent point of public contact for property owners and residents directly impacted by the proposed project is invaluable, from project inception to completion. This provides consistency in the dissemination of information, as well as giving the property acquisition and relocation agents the opportunity to get to know and develop rapport with those very important persons that your agency will be seeking agreements with in order for the project to progress with a minimum of conflict, political controversy, and litigation.  Early involvement also allows you to proceed with realistic budget estimates and implementation schedules.

To facilitate your project planning, we offer:


  • Title Analysis and Ownership Reviews (to determine exactly what property rights may be required for your project)
  • Funding Guideline Reviews (to determine exactly what requirements are mandated for your project in order to protect your funding sources and appropriately estimate related costs and timelines)
  • Preparation of Acquisition and Relocation Guidelines
  • Preparation of Relocation Plans and Cost Estimates
  • Initiating Property Owner Communications and Obtaining Owner Input to Facilitate the Planning Process
  • Pursuing Rights of Entries to Facilitate Surveying and EIR Studies
  • Coordinating with Project Planners and Legal Counselors to Establish Procedures
  • Obtaining Title Reports and Appraisals
  • Drafting Proposed Informational and Contractual Documents

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