Right of Way Acquisition

Hamner, Jewell & Associates provides services for projects with requirements ranging from single property purchases to large regional projects involving miles of pipelines or blocks of properties.  We take a personal approach to the services we provide and prefer to meet with people personally, seeking a collaborative approach to achieving mutually acceptable agreements.

Hamner, Jewell & Associates specializes in acquiring rights of way and property rights for all types of publicly funded projects including:

  • Public Works – streets and highways, utilities, water & sewer
  • Transportation – Local, State & Federally-Funded; highways, rail, multi-model
  • Housing – Public and Private Sector Development, Non-profits
  • Utilities – Surface and subsurface, gas, electric, solar
  • Community Development – Parks, Civic Centers, Parking, Community Improvements

We have acquired property for:

  • Tank Sites
  • Pump Stations
  • Water Treatment Projects
  • Parks
  • Public Parking
  • Metrolink Stations
  • Civic Centers
  • Housing
  • Redevelopment
  • Community Development Projects

      We have acquired the following types of rights and easements:

      • Access Rights
      • Air Rights
      • Slope Easements
      • Drainage Easements
      • Utility Easements
      • Pipeline Easements
      • Landscaping Easements
      • Roadway Easements
      • Temporary Construction
      • Staging Area Easements

      Our services are structured in conformance with the requirements of:

      • California Government Code and the Code of Civil Procedure
      • The Uniform Relocation Assistance
      • Real Property Acquisition Policies Act (the Federal “Uniform Act”)

      Hamner, Jewell & Associates perform all services in accordance with the professional and ethical standards of the International Right of Way Association.  We also work closely with Caltrans and various federal funding agencies.  We coordinate our projects using the Caltrans and FHWA Right of Way Certification processes.

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